23 June 2018

Sun Princess shows

CJ has been on vacation: another cruise with Mum. So what of the music this time? As always I loved the shows. I never attend such things at home: they are entertaining and competent and perhaps too expensive to stage in Canberra, anyway. If I watched the right TV, I guess I might see something on the style. I love them for the skills, for the popular and remembered music, for the energy and dancing. Not so much for the themes. This ship was Sun Princess and there were three or four stage shows over the 12 days-or-so. No shows on days when in port. I've recounted before about selection of performers. We got friendly with one, Cat, a dancer and, as I understood, manager of the dance troupe. The dance troupe was six women and four men. There were also two singers (male, female) and the orchestra. The orchestra were mostly jazz trained, I guess. I met the bassist, Will, from Austin TX. He was playing e-bass on the ship. The orchestras are always professional, being capable readers. This one also played a Dixieland tribute outside the stage context and backed a few visiting artists and the final night's The Voice at Sea. I'd seen some shows before but they remain great joys: Save the last dance; Bravo (operatic faves); British Invasion (songs of the '60s-'70s); Sweet soul music. The dancers also performed a few shows with recorded music, notably two on country music, all line dancing (although choreographed as high level jazz) and gingham and, as I remember, the British Invasion show. The Sun Princess is not a large ship but it does have a theatre and a largish cabaret stage and several other bar stages. Suffice to say, I like the shows and they are a feature of any cruise. Not high art, perhaps, but professional and performed by skilled dancers and singers on rolling seas with admirable skills.

The Sun Princess Dancers and Singers performed several shows mostly with backed by the Sun Princess Orchestra. The singers were Aja Goes and Steven Major.

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