24 June 2018

Sun Princess covers

Sun Princess had perhaps the best pop band I've caught on a ship: Xtasea. Geddit? They were a 5-piece covers band out of the Caribbean. Two singers, male and female, with keys, bass and drums. The singers were great, swapping lead roles and neatly harmonising to each other, the tenor male not wildly below the female, and with a bassist player with a great take on finger funk. To me, he stole the band and others were aware of the bassist, but it takes all to make one. The keys were not so prominent, but obviously essential in laying down the chordal and melodic snippets in backing and the drummer was determined and firm and apparently in charge of calling each tune. I expected they had mini sets or medleys because they ran the songs together with no evident breaks, but no, apparently, they were just called and they knew the tunes well. Very impressive. Their rock was right but attracted me less than their funky sets. Very hot stuff with that prominent funky bass and those nifty vocals. They even had me up dancing once (or maybe it was the drinks package).

Xtasea performed covers on the Sun Princess. They comprised two vocals (female, male), keys, bass (Charlie Jn Baptiste) and drums.

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