28 April 2023

Standing talking

It was called What would you stand for?  and it was a record and investigation into Isobelle Carmody's year of protest.  It was different.  As many, she has protested in marches and more but this was new, more personal, just one person standing with a sign for an hour somewhere in Australia or elsewhere in the world, and open to talk to passing people.  It's a response, perhaps in frustration, to the lack of change by politics (think million-person marches against nuclear arms, Bridge march for reconciliation, marches against Iraq war and more that had no effect), to simmering anger and conspiracies, the immense urgency of climate and more.  Isobelle's approach was to be open to talk with individuals.  It's a valid and strong response and admirable.  And she was at Gorman House documenting such action.  Just a room full of pics of her and signs and others, a short presentation describing the actions and a chance to make your own posters and be photographed as some action.  The attendees were surprisingly mature, as grey hair is so often present at SS4C marches, and no doubt committed (Extinction Rebellion was represented).  I chatted with Isobelle and she was open and joyous.  It was something of a protest of my own to come from a reception at Government House in a suit, but she was obviously welcoming of any conversations and enjoyed the discord.  Talking is a strong action but a small influence and it takes time and time is not too available but I can only wish Isobelle and fellow travellers well.  Dark days indeed.  PS, I had written a song with a parallel theme called the Talking cure on my latest album Sky vs weather.  Have a listen below.

Isobelle Carmody (author, activist) presented an installation and event at Gorman House.

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