11 April 2023


Well, I have another album out (as The Pots) and coincidentally I heard of a poetry open-mic session at Smiths.  I enjoy the performance, so this night.  It was the last event of Smiths' Anti-Folk Festival although poetry at Smiths is a regular Monday night event anyway.  It was just a few hours and the open spots were just 3-minutes.   I guess because I perform music on stage and there's often a mic that I know how to use it: up close and projecting.  Many don't, so we are struggling to hear some voices.  And what we heard was quite a range.  A few complex science-related poems from obvious insiders of the group.  Several intimate works, more-so from women.  A jokey country spot from a country guy.  Some ordered verse and some less ordered streams.  Just a few vivid, surprising images.   A very clever play on writing academic assignments and poetry.  It has me wondering  "what si poetry".  What is it?  It's decades since I really wondered that, if ever.  Is it just or more or all of rhythm, rhyme, imagery, language and how's it different from other literature other than layout.  I'll investigate, but in the meantime, I enjoyed the visit to this world.  BTW, I recited the lyrics of COP29 now (from sky vs weather) and Ah! PBO (from Hope).

That Poetry Thing! Big Open Mic night was at Smiths Alternative.

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