14 April 2023


The Old Canberra Inn is about the oldest European built thing in Canberra.  A hand hewn timber slab construction from 1857, originally a coach stop, rough but a great hangout with history and character and ambience.  So when we got an offer out of the blue to play there, we took it.  The news was that jam sessions fortnightly and band gigs the alternate weeks.  OK.  We had a great gig and a great audience and played well.  Not sure, though, that the message went out, as a few blokes arrived with guitar and kit components.  We got to chat with a visiting muso from Sydney but he was just there for a dinner.  And Leo Joseph dropped in for some of the first set.  I would have liked to talk to a few of the others but nothing came of it.  We played two long sets and no musos around in the breaks.  Whatever, the jam scene has opened up now in Canberra, and I know of at least regular jam sessions around Canberra.  So all is well and we enjoyed the gig.  Thus ends a busy few weeks for me: two significant classical gigs and three jazz gigs.  Plus an album release and various recordings.  That's lots for this bassist.

Tilt Trio played at Old Canberra Inn.  Tilt Trio are James Woodman (piano), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass).

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