13 September 2017

Chalk and cheese

I had two further outings on Sunday and they were mightily diverse. First up was another visit to the jam session at Smiths. It's a comfy time to go out for a beer and a blow. I played a few tunes, poorly, and enjoyed the sun while avoiding the frigid wind. The blow happens outside, under the arches of the Melbourne Building, opposite Jolimont. There's a disparate but interesting crew ensconced, even someone drawing, a common outing in jazz clubs in NYC. How apt. Musos were coming for a gig at 4pm, so Wayne K got called up for a few tunes. All fun. Then 4pm and I thought I could manage a few minutes, with luck, at Wesley for the Hymnfest. It's organised by the RSCM (Royal School of Church Music). Some of the greatest of music is religious so I can enjoy hymns. I enjoyed the singing well enough and managed 30 minutes before it ended, but the hymns were modern and modern religious arts just don't do it for me - syrupy, overt, simple (in case you've never visited it, the Vatican museum's modern art collection is just further evidence). None-the-less, I enjoyed a sing, even if only written as unison, and there were some decent singers and a capable organ accompaniment. But let's face it, this had nothing on Handel.

The jazz jam is weekly on Sundays ~2-4pm at Smiths. The RSCM Hymnfest recurs. This one was at Wesley Church.

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