30 July 2018


M16 is an artspace and gallery in Griffith, once Griffith Primary then Griffith Library. Now it's a warren of studios for numerous artists with an attached gallery. It's an impressive group of visual artists who work there and presumably influence each other with their creations. I imagine their interaction must be a major reason for such venues: otherwise it's an individual and perhaps lonely pursuit. Presumably like literature, poetry, although I guess they may require that detachment even more than do visual artists. It's an interesting discussion, but I was too busy playing to chat too much. We had a wonderful time, playing jazz with double bass earlier and into e-bass and e-piano for funk and pop later. And in breaks the cheeses and beers and wines donated locally to the cause were seriously good. Just a record of a thoroughly enjoyed gig at an impressive art space with some great local produce.

Tilt played at the annual M16 ArtSpace open day. Tilt comprises James Woodman (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums).

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