24 July 2018

Three into two

It's surprising but after playing with James for several years, this is the first duo gig we've done, especially given I've played duos with several others, Ross, Hugh. This was good. At a cellar door at Gundaroo. Very civilised with a full house for a truffles lunch and cellar door visitors dropping in and boxes of wines going out and some very pleasant brie and blue and reds. And most interestingly, the volume was low with my amp was just giving a little bass kick and my bass sounded fabulous, earthy with edge, unlike anything I can get amplified at higher volumes. Maybe the sound's there, but I don't hear it at volume. And a chance to run through new standards and find some new faves. We've had a few trio gigs recently and they've been good, but nice to enjoy a good day as a duo, too.

Tilt Duo comprised James Woodman (piano) and Eric Pozza (bass). TD played at the Gundog Estate Cellar Door at picturesque Gundaroo.

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