29 July 2018

Milano and more

Eamon Dilworth led his band in the new, larger room at Smiths. It's a good room. The music was good, too. I was thinking of Smalls in NYC and when I visited and when I watch on their video stream. No way this would have been any lesser. The room was great and just in its early days. The compositions, the playing, the authenticity were first class. I could hear that strain of NYC guitar in Carl's driven lines and Hugh was relentless and Mark only met Eamon that day but sat in easily as sideman and Hannah laying solid lines while absorbed with ceiling tiles and Eamon himself having written most of the music, clean and purposeful in composition and performance. He introduced his new album, Viata (=life, Romanian), speaking of purpose in music, relevance not mere cleverness. There's a maturity in his purpose even if joviality in presentation. Nice guy, Eamon, and easy on the mic between tunes. I could hear Miles often enough with his 70s jazz rock grooves, but also odd times and neat melody and written accompaniments, like Hannah's in Milano, a record of his year spent in Italy, or Carl's unisons on melodies. This was seriously satisfying music, wonderfully played, well written, with raison d'etre. I've talked of good music and musicians being everywhere and this night was just confirmation Great gig, intimate and capable and with purpose. A blow out.

And walking out, past PJ O'Reilly's, what did I see? Aron Lyon and mates playing an R+B jam session. It's a different world but it's fun; few chords but deep funky grooves. And Rachael Thoms singing made for a fabulous front line. I've since discoverd the Thurs eve R+B jam sessions as PJ O'Reilly's and some new names to listen to (Allen Stone and, of course, Pino Palladino) and an opportunity for some seriously funky grooves.

Eamon Dilworth (trumpet) led his (Canberra) band comprising Hugh Barrett (piano), Carl Morgan (guitar), Hannah James (bass) and Mark Sutton (drums) at Smiths. He was on tour to launch his new album, Viata.

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