28 July 2018

Spreading jam

My Wednesdays are seldom free but I was this week so I made it to the Old Canberra Inn jazz jam. The music has migrated to another room, giving more space for musos and more comfort all around. The beer's still great. This week's hosts were Wayne, Ben and Mark with a string of sit-ins. I got to play for a few tunes, including backing several singers and doing a jump blues with Leo. There's a new French bassist in town who played with some authority (Francois?). Mark S and Mark L were playing a storm. Great fun. This jam is a local gem but it has me intrigued: why so many jam sessions around at present? This is the most longstanding, but there's also Smiths and Wig & Pen. The blues players have been at it for yonks. Then I happened on an R&B session led by the Canberra R&B Collective at PJ O'Reily's on Thurs nights. Are jams spreading?

The Old Canberra Inn jazz jam was hosted by Wayne Kelly, Ben O'Loghlin and Mark Sutton.

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