26 October 2018

Mannheim for the day

Mannheim is just an hour’s local train ride from Frankfurt. This was somewhat a personal indulgence, given Musica da Camera’s CD entitled Music from Mannheim. I hadn’t even known of the Mannheim School before that, but UNESCO has Mannheim as a City of Music. It’s ~400,000 population, has an excellent October-long jazz festival now going on with local towns (incl Hiedelburg) with Archie Shepp in residence and visits from Jason Moran, Tord Gustavsen, Jan Garbarek, Vijay Iyer, Aaron Parks, Branford Marsalis and the like. Mannheim is also a UN-recognised centre for innovation (first bicycle, first diesel car, BASF, Siemens, etc), has a lively music scene from classical and new music and jazz to pop, from serious to seductive. We just walked around to see the baroque palace and some museums and hand out a few CDs. Like much of Germany it looks modern (post-WW2 bombing) but I saw many an instrument case and some lovely if local collections. A few pics.

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