05 October 2018

Local gig

St James’s is becoming our local gig. Lunchtime concerts near Eros, Piccadilly. Central, with a quiet park beside and a market selling some junk but also some nice china. I like China. And with history. Designed by Wren; consecrated in 1684; severely damaged by bombing in WW2; place of baptism of William Blake in 1757. This concert was piano, Mozart Rondo in Amin K.551, Jorg Widmann Idyll and Abyss (a modern composer and schoolmate of the pianist), Beethoven eroica variations op.35 played by Bela Hartmann, Czech-German winner of Schubert and Beethoven Piano Society and other prizes. Relaxed but firm, exploratory in the Widmann, restrained in the Mozart, stirring in the Beethoven with a firm touch, all from memory. How’s that for local. A pleasure.

Bela Hartmann (piano) performed at St James’s Piccadilly.

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