13 October 2018

Art of other eras

Not all we are doing here is music. We are away from cities now and the interest is more dated. First up, archaeology, neolithic times, uncertain purposes, simple techniques, stone carvings, standing stones, funerary monuments, perhaps representations of reproduction (think standing stones and rock circles and shadows cast). And these techniques and technologies that passed into more modern times, not least mediaeval stone crosses. We are just north of Glasgow visiting such matters, avoiding rain, enjoying occasional sunshine. Not that it’s cold. This summer has been climate-changed bliss in Europe, all sunshine and heat with no less than 24degC predicted in western Scotland in a few days time (in mid-October). When the rain isn’t heavier than usual and flooding inner Oban. Such is our future, but we are looking at our past in standing stones and cup and ring carvings in Argyleshire.

Mary Baker led an Archaeotour for Norman, Megan and Eric.

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BrendanO said...

Sorry we missed you in London. We just came in from archeology in Ireland to Wye valley in Wales, Tinternn Abbey etc. Brendan