08 October 2018


This was an amusing one. I was walking around the Royal Albert Hall, looking for the Royal College of Music. I soon learned that their museum was closed for renovation. It’s a huge collection, very likely something special (not least, they hold the first guitar!), so something to keep for another time. In the meantime, I passed some photographers with impressive cameras obviously loitering near an usher and a car so I asked who’s inside. I was told a wedding for a couple that had just today, on commercial TV, won a celebration at Albert Hall. Reality TV? Just today? It seems impossible but certainly there was a wedding and I chatted with some family and friends all doled up with fascinators and tails and the like and there was a photographer and assistant and tripods and lighting readied on the steps. So I loitered too for some shots. Weddings are happy events although this largely passed unrecognised by musos outside RCM. It’s all an odd interpolation but this is a big city so not unlikely. Some pics ...

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