24 August 2015


So they called the busy interleaved stage show giving tribute to music of the (fairly recent) past, Elton John, Dusty Springfield, Spice Girls, Robbie Williams, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey. This was busy and complex arrangements, rapid riffs of songs, joyous portrayals, some really very authentic voices, quick changes for orchestra and costumes. The dancers were at it, often 6-on 2-off or vice-versa, for costumes changes. I’ve seen one of these dressing rooms in the past, small, in doors and outs, with racks of costumes like a dry cleaner’s and plenty of velcro to hold it all together. I remain in awe of the girl dancers, always thinking of that quote from Ginger Rogers, that she has to do it all backwards and with heels. These women were all heeled, presumably with changing heels. I’d come across drummer John on the ship and he’d recommended this show; they’d just had a run-through. He was right. So busy and exciting with a string of hits. Not that I knew them all; my knowledge of Brit-Pop expires well before the Spicers and rap and there was plenty of this. Again, not Shakespeare, but thrilling, busy pop done with real panache. And how long would the dancers take to get this down without the charts the musos take for granted. Loved it.

Absolutely Fabulous was presented by the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers with the Legend of the Seas Orchestra.

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