28 August 2015


Interestingly, the musical director and pianist for the LOTS Orchestra, Filmer Flores V, also put in a solo classical piano recital as a matinee. I’ve been saying not Shakespeare, but this was close enough. He’s been playing piano since he was 4yo, graduated from a performance school then the Philippines Conservatory then won a scholarship to study in Russia and returned to teach at the Conservatory. His favourite is Chopin and he played 3 pieces, as well as Debussy and Liszt and a Philippines folk song. Some challenging pieces nicely played and quite a change. Otherwise, there were aerialists performing to pop with accompaniment of the singers and dancers (the Centrum Wow! Spectacular, no less) in the atrium. I believe this is common on ships. I saw rehearsals the day before and enjoyed the much more presented show on the day. There were two other bands performing at various times. Music Makers were a four piece covers band with a huge repertoire and a great skill in copying vocals (kbd, guit, bass, female drums; all sang). Music Motion were a trio with midi backing (kbd, guitar, both singing with female vocals). And finally, “Manila’s pop virtuoso” Reuben Laurente, did the last show with the LOTS Orchestra. I only managed the first tune after he entered with lofty self-esteem then into Moondance with all bland mediocrity. Pop eats what? The voice seemed OK but I couldn’t take the starry-shirting.

Filmer Flores V, Royal Caribbean Singers, Dancers and Aerialists, Music Motion, Music Makers performed; Reuben Laurente performed with the Legend of the Seas Orchestra.

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