25 August 2015


There’s always a show each night on a cruise ship and I always attend. It’s the most interesting stuff to do and otherwise I don't got to production shows like this. Perhaps I should. I do enjoy them for the immense skills, even if these skills may be applied to fairly mundane matters. But cruises are just floating resorts to me, and this is resort entertainment. There were other shows, surprisingly frequently by Australians. Maybe they are nicely available, being in the vicinity. “Australian master magician” Duck Cameron was something a bit rare for me and many. I enjoyed it all, including his Houdini straight-jacket escape routine but I may not rush back for more illusionisms. Not that I had any idea how he did this stuff. Another Aussie was Tamara Guo, a singer fronting the LOTS orchestra. Chinese background, Mandarin/Cantonese/English speaking, mother having sung opera at the Sydney Opera House in the past, strong voice and matey, jokey presentation in several languages and songs crossing into Mandarin and finishing with heavy rock (It’s my life). David Mimuzio was the onboard “multi-talented Youtube sensation”. He presented a show matching juggling with singing and a lively personality. I enjoyed the odd and venerable skill of juggling although many weren’t so convinced, at least before the show. Jake Henry performed regularly in the Schooner Bar as the resident piano man. Capable and sometimes a good for a singalong (after some beers), although sometimes too loud when the midi started up.

Duck Cameron, Tamara Guo, Jake Henry and David Mimuzio, performed on the Legend of the Seas.

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Whispering Gums said...

Have enjoyed your Cruise show posts Eric ... I reckon I'd go along too. There's always something you can enjoy/learn/experience even if it were not your first choice eh?