22 August 2015

Band uninvited

The Legend of the Seas Orchestra would have backed the dance show, Invitation to Dance, but the stage wasn’t big enough on this ship. It’s not small, just not big enough for 8 show dancers, 2 feature ballroom dancers and 4 singers. So we got the Orchestra playing before the show in another bar in a smaller and more improvised format. Plenty of solos and the drummer’s infectious drive. This was nice, although I prefer the interactive formalism of the charts to their solos. Then the dancers. I know little of dance and less of ballroom, but I could admire the balance and sassiness of the whole and some very decent singing (excellent when these singers played with another band later that night – they can seriously belt out some tunes and find great harmonies) and some stunning ballroom. I didn’t expect this to inspire, but these two were seriously sharp. I particularly noticed it with a twirl of the woman’s hand mirrored by the same from some show dancers. The ballroomers were seriously sharp. Someone mentioned different techniques form ballroom and stage. Not sure this was the case, but the precision was evident. Tight bods, tight movements. It’s a different world and I enjoyed the visit.

Invitation to Dance featured the Royal Caribbean singers and Dancers with ballroom dance couple Maksym and Stefanie. The Legends of the Seas Orchestra featured amongst others, Mel Villipando (bass), Sebastian DuBois (guitar) and John Alphonse (drums).

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