18 August 2015

Just otherwise engaged

Thus I haven’t written for CJ for a time, but here’s an update. The Legend of the Seas Orchestra is great. Well, that’s nothing unexpected. I’m on a cruise ship out of Hong Kong. There are a few bands and the entertainment makes significant claims. The theatre stage is festooned with JBL boxes and sub-woofers and lights and curtains. Alternatively, the Captain’s reception is held with the same orchestra in the atrium, called Centrum. The captain, the various heads of various departments, the pretty girls in white providing champers and the band again. This is a great, slightly reduced big band. I presume they are out of Hong Kong, gathered from some excellent readers, tight as, concentrating but convincing, some decent solos, always confident timing and changes and the rest. First set is various big band charts, from the standards through I luv Lucy to latins, Basie and Ellington and Glen Miller. Plenty of swing in swing-era style. Later, it’s backing for multi-instrumentalist, Danny Elliot, out of Melbourne. Can I recall Danny’s instruments? Clarinet, flute, bagpipes, tin whistles, guitar, didg, vocals, piano, perhaps more. Heart-renders, rock and roll, strains of Ireland and Kazakhstan, some light classics, bumblebee or Tchaik’s first or Bolero or wherever. Capable and popular and entertaining, perhaps not master of any but impressive presenter of many, and always that band behind, concentrating, tight, with those charts. Always spot on. Such a pleasure. I have no idea of names or residence, but I expect Hong Kong. They are great players, as these performers tend to be. Impressive and a true pleasure.

The Legend of the Seas Orchestra is the resident showband on the cruise Ship, Legend of the Seas. Currently cruising the China Sea. They backed Danny Elliot (multi-insstrumentalist) ex-Melbourne.

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