15 September 2015

Product of a longer preparation

There was talk of Robert Schmidli's last concert at Wesley, playing Scriabin. I missed it. That was more obscure and took more preparation. Immediate preparation, that it. This concert comprised two piano sonatas from Mozart and Beethoven. Robert had been playing them for years, so the preparation was there, just not so recent. I liked to hear the very diverse concepts of these two composers. This was late Beethoven (piano sonata no.31 Abmaj op.110) displaying his commitment and passion and that inevitable turn of phrase that always seems predestined. And Mozart (piano sonata no.8 Amin K310) with his earlier, more obvious and classical view, stately and proud and also playful. I enjoyed both. Robert spoke of a section in the last movement of Beethoven with doubled dims and augs held together precariously with syncopations. Robert is a local doctor, but a serious amateur pianist with training. Nice to have around and great to follow.

Robert Schmidli (piano) performed two piano sonatas, Mozart no.8 Amin K310 and Beethoven no.31 Abmaj op.110, at Wesley.

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