19 September 2015


Great fun had when Tilt played a first gig at the Tradies. Lovely to play with a nice, acoustic, Kawai grand. Plenty of space and a laid back environment. I like a gig like this. People spread over a large area; plenty of space; relaxed; some people responding, others just there or at the pokies or housie. But there's an cool awareness, or at least we can allow ourselves to think it. Perhaps you could say Tilt is tilting at windmills, doing a jazz/pop cross, but I prefer to see it as a continuum rather than Abbottian conflict. Swing is great but not all and it's not in everyone's direct experience. But play something they recognise, and listeners will warm to a band and be open to other tunes and styles. So mix post-bop and modern and swing with grunge and pop and R&B and you please all and enjoy the outing, too. Early days yet, but entertaining. Tilt next plays at Dickson Tradies, 5.30-8.30, Thursday 1 Oct, and hopefully thereafter. Free entry. Tilt (trio) are James Woodman (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums).

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