23 September 2015

Strange name

They have a strange, if descriptive, name. And they play strange, if adventurous, takes on Summertime and My favourite things. I was warned for Summertime, but I wasn't for Favourite things and I didn't pick it. Strange, too, that this band won a chamber music competition. But they are young and skilled and searching, so it's appropriate. They are Three Men One Chamber. I'm not sure I particularly get the reference, other than through the competition, but they were good. They play those twisted standards, but also takes on various current pop tunes as well as originals. I think it was the busily virtuosic tune called 13-7 that won them the competition. That was the last tune and it was a standout. Plenty of unison playing in odd times by guitar and bass. I was pleased to find a new and interesting bassist when they covered the tune Daylight, by LA bassist/singer Thundercat. They also took on an Aphex Twin tune, but I show my age by remaining non-plussed by this style. The players are Brendan, Stephen and Hayden. Brendan's bass is upcoming at the School of Music and a player to watch. Stephen and Hayden were less extravagant but I found both very satisfying. Very nice little band. Their success in a chamber competition may be unexpected, but it's obviously valid on the strength of this outing.

Three Men One Chamber are Stephen Read (guitar), Brendan Keller-Tuberg (bass) and Hayden Fritzlaff (drums). They played an "Out to lunch" session at the Ainslie Arts Centre.

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