24 September 2015

Three discourses, authentic occasions

I am enjoying this! My week is punctuated by various musical outing, not least two (2!) orchestral rehearsals on Saturdays. This week was busy with concerts, too. Two little orchestral outings for whoever from Maruki was able to turn up. Both were community events: one for the parish that hosts our practices; the other for a prize-winning teacher at Canberra High School. Canberra High was fun, with a very large, if obligated, audience for their school assembly. But in addition, a jazz outing for Tilt at Albert Hall (of the classical, read live, acoustics) for the Artists Society of Canberra Spring Fair. All fairly low key, none particularly remunerative so justifying a relaxed presentation, but all treated with due seriousness. The Maruki gigs had us reprising Strauss and some Dvorak from the last concert and taking some first bites at Bach Orchestral Suite no.3 which we will play in full (with Beethoven 3rd, Eroica) in early December. The Albert Hall gig was an opportunity to play with effects for a more edgy jazz/pop presence. Much fun. Thanks to all my offsiders. I've included a few snaps of some ASOC art that appealed to me.

Maruki Orchestra is conducted by John Gould. Tilt comprises James Woodman (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums).

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