18 October 2015

No news good news

They say no news is good news. That seems to be the case with the ANU School of Music. The changes happened in 2012 and it's still in the news. And it's not good news. A few weeks back it was the departure of Head of School Peter Tregear. He'd valiantly tried to rebuild but departed recently for London. Note, London: he's no unrecognised slouch. Then letters to editors and meetings of students. We read the other day in the Canberra Times that another slew is to leave, not least Erin Helyard and Johannes Luebbers. Both highly regarded; both significant performance artists. See below for links to articles about this history (not a comprehensive list). They tell me the background to these moves is not quite as dire as suggested by CT, but I do long for some good news for a change.

On a sad note, this is CJBlog post no. 1500.

  • Bibliography on ANUSOM changes
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