4 October 2015

Travel jazz

Jazz is a great way to travel. In any decent city, there's a findable public venue with like minds and a certain openness. Musos can sit in - improv and a common repertoire supports this; listeners can listen and chat. It's welcoming. Tilt played a gig at the Tradies again and we had a sit-in. Inigo Kilborn, long-time performer in London and now France, is visiting family in Canberra. He had his cornet (little, but effective instrument that it is) and we were a quartet for a few standards, what, Stella, Alone together, Autumn leaves, Beatrice. What a lovely, clear, precise sound; nicely improvised, intelligently controlled and lyrical; nothing showy but musically wonderfully effective. Thanks, Inigo, much enjoyed.

Inigo Kilborn (cornet) sat in with Tilt at the Dickson Tradies. Tilt comprised James Woodman (piano), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums).

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