1 October 2015

Catching the mix

This was another in the lunchtime series featuring School of Music students, and perhaps friends, at the Ainslie Arts Centre. Gen Kinoshita, Eddie Huang and Matt Ventura played an unusual mix of oboe, bassoon and piano. Not common. I didn't catch the names of composers, except a Chopin etude played by Eddie on piano and a Bach partita from Gen on oboe. Otherwise, the performers mixed and matched various instruments, only playing one piece with all three instruments together. Matt mostly played bassoon, but also brought out a flute for a solo piece at one stage. But known or not, this was a capable and pleasant and unexpected mixed outing for too small an audience. Nice one.

Gen Kinoshita (oboe), Eddie Huang (piano) and Matt Ventura (bassoon, flute) performed at the Ainslie Arts Centre.

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