7 October 2015

Another Italian fascination

Why this fascination with Italy? It's long been so. Ellen Falconer played Italian impressionism from the 20th Century - Della Piccola, Resphigi and Malipieri. Ellen spoke of Respighi interpreting renaissance music that she then played with a 21st century perspective. Layer on layers of interpretation but Italian music at heart. Interesting. I enjoyed the Respighi but was more entranced by the unpredictable and more modern Della Piccola with his odd times, dissonance, alternating hands, unexpected intervals. He wrote just on the cusp of WW1 and the unsettled era is evident. Respighi was more predictable; not unexpected given the Renaissance source. Big, full consonant, attractive, dignified. I'm not sure I recognised the 21st century influences but it's inevitable in the hands of a current musician. But my favourite was the final work by Malipieri, three preludes, with their roiling arpeggios and romantic dynamics and pauses, nicely appreciable and easy to partake of. Ellen did a great job of introducing some unexpected and presumably little known works and composers. Great to see. This Out to lunch series promotes new and experimental music as well as classical music less performed. This was a perfect fit.

Ellen Falconer (piano) played Della Piccola, Resphigi and Malipieri at the Out to Lunch series at the Ainslie Arts Centre.

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