30 October 2015


I don't get there often enough, but I did get to the Wayne Kelly trio gig and jam session at the Old Canberra Inn this last Tuesday. It wasn't hugely busy but it is a Tuesday night and there were tables of people chatting and meeting and enjoying some fabulous playing. I missed Mitch Preston and John Black and Leo Joseph and Angela Lount jamming. I got up for a few tunes to play with Wayne and Alec Brinsmead, whose playing I'd just admired that afternoon at Ainslie Arts Centre. That was fun. We played Alone together, Caravan and Blue Monk. Wayne took some considerable deviations in, I think, Caravan, so we had some odd harmonies to resolve out of. This is the sort of thing I love. I heard of a tour to Adelaide and country towns along the way being planned by Leo and Key Grip. Sounds like much fun. Also of a new residency (Sat nights, 7-9.30, Tilley's) by Wayne's trio. He'll be playing a genuine grand piano there, so worth some frequent visits. And in such a civilised and well fed location, too: it suits them. Also, chats about school, New Orleans, wedding bands, Christopher Pyne (...). Nice; keep it up; attend!

Wayne Kelly (piano) played with Ben O'Loghlin (bass) and Mark Sutton (drums). Jammers included Alec Brinsmead (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass).

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