06 June 2019

Good hands

One week Wesley scholars; following week ANU Open School. I caught a selection of Open School players at Wesley. These are the H-course/prep students, so Year 11/12 on a range of instruments each playing a short chamber piece, two with professional accompaniment. They are keen: so keen that one had to have rush off to an exam and the program order was changed to allow him to play. First up, a Doppler rondo played by Luka and Jenni on two flutes with Geoffrey on piano. I think it was Luke who had the exam. Lovely, tuneful piece with strangely different flute tones. I guess flutes do have diverse tones, as any instruments do, but I seldom hear tow together like this. Then a movement of a Mozart Oboe concerto by Gudrun with Anthony in accompaniment. Mozart can only be a pleasure. Then a seriously challenging work, Joshua playing Scriabin Sonata Fantasy no.2 G#minor (what key is that!). Stunning and daring and well done. The flautist Jenni returned to play a solo piece, Clarke Great train race (1993), that so obviously spelled out the sounds and tempos of trains. Played from memory. Then Rohan on trumpet with Anthony accompanying on Turrin Caprice for trumpet and piano, strong and toneful. And to finish, Isaiah playing a solo violin Bach Partita no.1 Bmin. A great range of materials, all well played, all showing the seriousness of the kids doing this. My favourite was the stunningly challenging Scriabin (G#min?) but I enjoyed it all immensely. It seems our musical future is in good hands.

ANU Open School of Music students played a concert at Wesley. The performers were Luka Ruwette (flute), Jenni Pittock (flute), Gudrun Drake (oboe), Joshua Clift (piano), Rohan Heffernan (trumpet), Isaiah Bondfield (violin) with Anthony Smith (piano) variously providing accompaniment.

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