07 February 2020

Smokey day out

Not sure why they decided on four full days of demonstration, dubbed the People's Climate Assembly, because you're unlikely to get too many there most of the time, but they did. I just got to Climate Emergency Rally, just a few hours at lunchtime with some speakers. There were plenty of people but not masses: nothing to match the urgency and seriousness of the issue. I missed the Penguins "On the steps" but they were maybe aiming at pollie arrivals. I heard Dr Karl as host. He gave snippets of relevant science and argued for the effectiveness of protest by listing successful actions (while I was thinking of several that were ignored). Several Aboriginals including Bruce Shillingsworth with words on actions on Adani (good on them) and more. Sue Wareham spoke of climate and one other existential risk, conflict and nuclear armaments. [There's certainly no longer any time for a decent war before climate hits! / ed.] Bob Brown spoke but I wonder if his argument, for direct action, that we lock ourselves and place ourselves under bull dozers and the rest, would be particularly effective. I may be wrong, but actions like that often get nicely twisted by the noisy shock jocks and their media mates. His recent anti-Adani Convoy didn't turn out too well. Not at all the actions of the quiet Aussies, eh? I read a report just today about surveys that showed a very poor understanding of climate change, even if increased wish to do something, but also a propensity to defer judgment while there's so much political argument. Blame that on the deniers (they are not skeptics - that's the label for scientists) and a highly politicised response that bodes poorly. Even immense fire and Canberra smoke doesn't do here, although it seems to be seen as a portent overseas. Australia is no longer the forward-looking polity of the past. Someone mentioned legal action. I've pondered that preventing/avoiding action on climate should be a crime against humanity, but I doubt it fits the definition. Others have other approaches. But any denialist and corrupted government deserves nothing less. Pollies manage their speech so more reliable is that wise old motto: Know them by their actions. And as for a mass of voters who are so easily conned. Well, that's educmacation and diversion for ya.

The Climate Emergency Rally was held outside Parliament House for the return of Parliament for 2020.

  • PS, it seems First Dog was in town for the Assembly
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