05 February 2020

SOSat eve 1-2

Two more acts finished up my Saturday evening session at SoundOut. First up was an Australian trio with father and daughter Alister and Alexandra Spence performing with Canberra local Shoeb Ahmad. Great to hear them all again. This was mainly noise/electronics/drones with some piano noises from under the lid from Alister, but later joined by some piano notes, mostly prepared, so flowing and steady, and some delicious waterfalls of notes. Then another international outfit, this time Commonwealth (apparently taking on renewed interest following Brexit from just the day before). Arthur Bull (Nova Scotia) and Scott Thompson (Quebec) joined Roger Turner (UK) for a busy, sometimes chaotic, musical exploration. Roger is all over his drums with all manner of standard and non-standard techniques and no limit. I was particularly amused by masses of sticks, although that may have been next day. Suffice to say he's busy and extremely varied in performance. Arthur got a lovely sharp picked tone from his amplified acoustic guitar and also explored techniques, not least pie tray and ebow (not the only use this weekend). I particularly enjoyed Scott with his obvious training, perhaps classical, perhaps jazz, with lovely tones and effectively speaking mute. Again, committed and energetic and forceful: a take-no-prisoners set.

Alister Spence (piano), Alexandra Spence (electronics) and Shoeb Ahmad (electronics) performed as a trio. The Moniker Trio followed. It comprised Arthur Bull (guitar, Nova Scotia) and Scott Thompson (trombone, Quebec) joined Roger Turner (drums, UK). SoundOut 2020 Saturday evening at the Drill Hall Gallery.

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