06 February 2020

SOSun eve

I came after a family dinner to catch the last bands and managed just one band that morphed into the final SoundOut Collective session. Amanda Stewart of Sydney sang with, Achim Kaufmann and Roger Turner. The trio showed all manner of techniques with clicks and vocal pops and words amongst them, displaying some hints of jazz and C20th classical styles, and into a sudden and widely unexpected fff stop. Fascinating, with energy and commitment and often virtuosic skills. Then into the final all-in SoundOut Collective set, started by Jim Denley with Alister Spence, Frank Gratkowski and Tony Osborne, joined gradually by musos moving through the space, to stage and from, watching and responding to one or another, gradually building and receding to end with the sole pair of Richard and Jim and the end. Effective and shared art in community. Congrats again to Richard and his work and success for this 11th incarnation of SoundOut, our own International festival of free jazz and experimental music, right here in Canberra, If you missed it, get on the list for occasional events and next's year's festival: SoundOut on FB or web.

Amanda Stewart (vocals), Achim Kaufmann (piano) and Roger Turner (drums) played a trio set. Then Jim Denley (flute), Alister Spence (piano), Frank Gratkowski (alto, flute, clarinet) and Tony Osborne (vocals) joined by the SoundOut Collective to finish. SoundOut 2020 Saturday evening at the Drill Hall Gallery.

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