28 July 2022

Top brass

This is one of my favourite Wednesday lunchtime concerts each year.   A bunch of professional players with the sweet tones of brass playing a mix of styles, entertaining and competent and interesting.   And pretty loud, too, but that's the nature of brass.  Loud at top and bottom: first up a medley of John Williams film marches because an Army band should shart with a march after all. Raiders and Star Wars and Superman and more, delicious and inviting and rollicking.  Then a chorale for Covid and a Bach prelude and a Bruckner piece written for his mother.  This is already a massive range of styles but the Bruckner must have been the most out of this ordinary, quiet and calm and pensive, nonetheless well received.  Then Bach again, this time in two harmonisations.  The common one was the best received and I thought it worked best anyway, the other being more dissonant and really not Bach to my ears.  Then a polka and Selections from West Side Story.  I love anyone who plays West Side Story.  Something coming... Then What a wonderful world  with a soloist out front on flugelhorn, somewhat a noisy big band tune to end on and not actually my favourite, although the flugelhorn was beautifully played.  Brass played with the classical tone is a huge bliss.  The concert was programmed and conducted and introduced and occasionally played by Sgt Nick Salter.  Much enjoyed.

The RMC Brass Group performed at Wesley under Sgt Nick Salter (director).

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