13 July 2022


I usually don't write up private gigs but this one was something special.  No names.  We were booked to play a 50th birthday and it looked like much fun for some very friendly people.  Just don't play too loud, don't scratch the lovely, restored timber floor.  An afternoon party gig, playing 3-6pm, pleasant but not unusual.  But then it was more.  We arrive to be told the hosts would be marrying at 4.30.  They'd been together 18 years and had decided just 5 days before to marry.  Lovely and touching.   Much was outdoor, in the back garden, which we saw through a window, but bands are always something special at a party.  Then the announcement to many surprised guests, then the wedding.  Then getting cold and the guests moved indoors and we played more funky.  All a great pleasure.  Great thanks to our unnamed hosts and our best wishes.  Thanks to N and M for including us in your wonderful day!

Tilt Trio played for a private 50th birthday that ended as a last-minute-announced wedding.  A thrill and quite touching.

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