07 July 2022

Kids today

Well not all kids can play piano like this crew.  They are students from the piano studio of teacher Jinbo Huang and they played a Wesley Wednesday lunchtime concert.  It's amusing how they go on stage, all of 10 years or so, but ranging in age, all dressed to the nines, looking very presentable, very young and quite small, at a grand piano, perhaps paired for a four handed duet, then you listen.  They were good, some very good.  I still notice adults with their depth of emotions, but the older ones here are showing that and the younger still present very satisfying youthful compositions (titles included The puppet and T-Rex hungry, no less!) through simpler Brahms and Beethoven and Strauss Snr to the movements from the Pathetique and Schubert Impromptu.  This is a mightily impressive crew and a pleasure to hear.  We can only look forward to some lovely playing around town.

Charles Huang, James Jin, Arabella Lu, Frank Huang, Naomi Feng, Angelia Lee, Khloe Chen, Charlie Sanoubane, Damien Ruan and Michael Anufriyeva  from the studio of Jinbo Huang played at Wesley.

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