06 June 2017

Weekend 2

One big weekend. It continued on Sunday with setup in Albert Hall at noon, warmup at 1pm and concert at 3pm. This is Maruki Community Orchestra, a keen mob of ~50 players who take on the serious repertoire that musical director, John Gould, likes. This is mainly classical to romantic, but some baroque sneaks in occasionally. This concert was a big presentation. Mendelssohn Midsummer night's dream overture, Quantz Flute concerto Gmaj, Ravel Bolero and Brahms Symph no.4. Big. The Mendelssohn was lively and theatrical. Everyone loves Bolero except the performers, as John joked, but it's something to have performed: for the basses, it's 2 notes to have performed very many times. The Quantz was the surprise, relatively unknown, hit. It's a lovely baroque piece written by a prolific composer of works for flute and played by with real and infectious musicianship by Rebecca Carpenter. Then after interval, the major work, Brahms Symph no.4. It was a revelation to me, a piece of ever-changing beauty and movement, soft but mobile, infectious in its upending times and beautiful, unforced melodies. And that assertive third movement. I loved this piece to death, even if it deserved more justice. But this is an orchestra that takes on the full deal, not just a movement or so, but the full work, the challenge, and I like it for that. A big program to take on and a solid response by a community orchestra.

Maruki Community Orchestra was led by John Gould (conductor) with Elisha Adams (concertmaster) playing Mendelssohn, Quantz, Ravel and Brahms. Rebecca Carpenter (flute) soloed in the Quantz. The bass section comprised Jennifer Groom and Eric Pozza.

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