14 September 2018


James couldn't play this gig but Wayne could help us out. He's one of the best, of course, so we had a great outing with a nicely professional PA and the rest. But this is not Tilt; it's not James. Dave suggested Kilt (obviously from Kelly) and it works although we weren't dressed for it. The alternative for that might be Wilt, but that didn't work in any way. Wayne is a master so to Wilt is not in his vocabulary or awareness. It's times like these that you most admire jazz training: that lets people play together with minimal specific preparation; where the interactions and resulting arrangements just fall out of your hearing and communication; where a simple chart is enough guidance and even that's not required for the regulars including Wayne. I doubt he used a chart throughout the night despite Dave calling plenty of tunes. Wayne has a decent voice, too. So a different Tilt for this night. Yeah, I like Kilt, even if we weren't dressed for it. And thanks again to Wayne.

Tilt / Kilt performed with Wayne Kelly (piano, vocals), Dave McDade (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass).

This is CJBlog post no. 2000

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