26 September 2018

One that got away

Megan had done it before, but it was my first international flight out of Canberra: by Qatar through Doha to London. (Mine have always been Murrays to the Sydney International terminal, or just once by flight connection). Exciting, even if a departure from Canberra is via a stopover in a transit lounge in Sydney (both coming in and out) but the customs and security is so relaxed in Canberra and so clear of crowds. We were to stay overnight in Doha at a 5-star hotel offered gratis with some Qatar flights. Seems a good time to fly Qatar, presumably as they prepare for the World Cup. We arrived just after midnight local time, checked in and passed a Jazz Bar with a performing band on the way to our room. I got a quick squiz and planned to come down after dropping our bags but the band had finished the gig and loud hip-hop was in its place by the time I returned. So this one got away. The band was High Times, playing 6 nights a week in this bar, a quintet led by a female singer. I heard just a few bars and it sounded slick and capable as such a band will be. Standard fare playing favourite Billboard hits, old time jazz classics to Broadway headliners.

High Times played at the Jazz Bar at Oryx Rohana.

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