7 September 2018

Suffer the children

For the sins of who ... Music in the ACT has had a bad run for the last few years. Geoff page once said we will probably look back a previous time as a high point. The latest is the defunding of the H-Course, previously the Prep (=Preparatory) course. This was an advanced course for music performance, funded by the ACT government, for Years 11&12 students, preparatory for tertiary music studies. I knew of the jazz stream but there was also a classical stream and that is also being defunded. But trust the kids. They gathered an activist group and a petition and today staged a jam session outside the Legislative Assembly. What's the outcome? Signatures aplenty, which don't always have the sought effect. But there's an election on the way. We'll see. I'm not sure that the main movers particularly care and they have a big expenditure program to fund and budgets to find and high rise to promote. But trust the kids. They are strong and they are knowing. They are not just children, of course. That's just a joke. They are the future. And their playing was OK, too.

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