17 September 2018

Before Llewellyn 2

Then a little jazz. The Sydney Con Jazz Orchestra was on tour and in town at Smiths. I only managed one set, but what excitement was this! Stunningly capable playing; richly complex and busy charts; some seriously capable soloing (I find some big bands lack hot soloists); all taught and conducted by David Theak and with special guests Steph Russell and Josh Meader. Steph sang; Josh soloed on guitar. Both were capable and impressive. I particularly enjoyed Josh's modern style which I recognise but don't quite understand. Exciting sweeps but more importantly intervals and harmonies and intervals that speak of current NYC players, all with a satisfying tone. I was also taken by bassist Jacques Emery for some quick and firm playing and even use of a bass extension. He's got a classical and family music background so perhaps no surprise. But all round, this was a supremely capable band, energetic, tight, virtuosic. Loved this set.

The Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Orchestra performed at Smiths. It comprised David Theak (conductor) with Zac Olsen (lead), Ned Olive, Anthony Tummillo, Anthony Rositano and Kali Gillen (saxes), James Sarno (lead), Deven Rahman (assoc lead), Tom Avgenicos, Jack Purdon and Miles Rooney (trumpets), Jacob Parks (lead), Jack Lincoln, Lawson Mcguinness and Nick Barnard (trombones), Roshan Kumarage (piano), Jacques Emery (bass), Alex Inman-Hislop (drums) and Nick Ruberg (guitar) with guests Steph Russell (vocals) and Josh Meader (guitar).

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