29 September 2018

Bigs and littles

I’ve been to London a few times so thought it would be interesting to look into some lesser-known tourist attractions. Not really so unknown, but not national museums. So off to the Royal Academy of Art in Burlington House. Firstly of Burlington House. It’s imposing for a local residence, Palladian in style, which it was until it was purchased from the Earl of Burlington in mid-C19th. It’s now the home of the Royal Academy of Arts, but also on the Geological, Linnaen, Antiquaries Societies of London, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Astronomical Society. That last one particularly interested me, but all I found was a locked door opening on the public courtyard. I did get a peek inside when opened for a delivery man, but otherwise, this is not a public site. On to the RA. We just visited the permanent collections which were mainly copies and casts for further copying. But then they do have an unfinished roundel of the Mary and Christ in marble by Michelangelo and some huge copies of interest, not least a Leonardo Last Supper. Again I’d seen the original and again yanks back. It’s in Milan overhead on a refectory wall (a lucky survivor of WW2 bombing). This one was at eye level even if the lighting was none too easy. So interesting. Not exactly a European national collection, but interesting.

The Royal Academy of Art is in London.

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