10 February 2007

The team that brings you White Eagle

Jazz at the White Eagle is turning into a major event. For those who don’t know, it’s a monthly performance and jam session run by several students from the ANU Jazz School. The driving forces are Ed Rodrigues, Hannah James and Phill Jenkins. Respectively, they play drums, bass and bass, so just goes to prove that the rhythm section is the driving force in jazz.

From left, Ed, Hannah and Phill

This is not music for the faint-hearted, but if you like to hear what musos choose to play for themselves or for other musos, this is it. The performance side regularly features musicians out of Sydney or Melbourne or top local bands, sometimes with staff from the Jazz School. The Sydney contingent is frequently out of the Jazzgroove cooperative. Many of the players from out-of-town have Canberra connections, being originally from Canberra and/or having studied at the local Jazz School. Following the featured bands, there’s usually a jam session with local students or graduates.

The event is held at the White Eagle (Polish) Club opposite the O’Connor shops (otherwise the venue for the long-running folk equivalent, Merry Muse). It’s a comfortable venue, with cheap grog and Polish beers available, and uncommon but authentic Polish food. There’s plenty of time between bands for a chat, plenty of seating and Euro-café-style tables and easy parking, so it’s a comfortable and easy-going event.

In addition, most of the sessions are recorded by Chris Deacon with the help of Neal Gowen, both from our local ArtSound FM 92.7, so you’re likely to hear snippets on radio after the event.

Thanks to Ed, Hannah and Phill for their great work.

Just $12 for a great night with drinks at club prices. BTW, there’s a link to White Eagle’s MySpace site at the top right hand of the CJ Home page for future reference.
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