13 November 2007

More from ArtSound (AS2)

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  • After hearing the hot players from the school, Kooky Fandango are a more staid outfit, but entertaining and capable none the less. This is a bigger band, or at least slightly bigger and with the feeling and arrangements of a swing big band. There were harmony horns on heads and discrete solos from various band members. I liked the background horn lines and echoed melodies, and they were tight. The style mostly reminded me of 60s detective shows on TV with a heavy blues influence, but there was a latin in there too. They also had a singer, but she sang on only a few tunes in this short performance. Good to see that busy people with day jobs are prepared to invest the time required to maintain their chops and play in bands like this. Kooky Fandango also play around. They were at Moruya and performed coastal winery gig that weekend. My wife also heard them at Kingston markets the day after the Open Day. KF are Courtney Stark (vocals), Cameron Smith (trumpet), Tom Fell (alto sax), Nathan Sciberras (baritone sax), Peter Barta (bass), Donovan Gall (drums).

    Quantum Theory are a vehicle for original music composed by another batch of senior students from the Jazz School. This is a very different style from the earlier outfit: more cool and tempered, and the players are more restrained. These were stately melodies and gentle and subdued soloing. Dave plays lyrically on his solid-sounding (I’d guess heavily-strung) semi-acoustic guitar. Sebastian was new to me in a small group format. He played some tasteful melodies and solos, dissolving into some cascading tenor flourishes which were apt and expressive. Nice. The rhythm section is the local stalwart of Bill and Ed. As always, they swung with solid grooves and walks or played tenderly in a more free style with close responsiveness. They are a wonderfully satisfying pairing. Quantum Theory are Dave Rodriguez (guitar), Sebastian McIntosh (tenor sax), Bill Williams (bass) and Ed Rodrigues (drums).

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