20 September 2010

Now Cognac Lounge

I always enjoy gigs but I was concerned. I’d been away for over four weeks and hadn’t touched a double bass. Double bass is a demanding instrument, requiring stamina and exactness, thus practice. But in the end all was OK after a few days of considered practice, and doubly so as I resuscitated my glorious Yamaha TRB-6P. So it was a good day. The weather was generous, Adore Tea had a decent crowd that enjoyed Monica’s singing, and the band was in good humour (and covering a few mistakes pretty well). The music was jumping by the end with tight grooves and plenty of solo space (and lots of bass solos). Sounds like a good gig to me. Thanks, guys, nice one.

Cognac Lounge is the new name of this line-up. CL comprises Monica Moore (vocals), Peter Kirkup (keys), Eric Pozza (bass) and Brenton Holmes (drums).

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