14 May 2017

Mothers' day

My Mothers' day this year will be remembered for a 4 hour gig in a shopping centre. There's a solidarity amongst performers, musical or otherwise. The pic is of fellow employees serving lollies for the last shopping session before Mothers' day. It was a long gig but straightforward, playing fake book standards and latin and jazz tunes. Lots of comfy tunes but it's busy when you are just playing as a duo. Bass solos in every tune: good for chats with Mum. Again a great pleasure to play with Hugh Barrett. He's such a strong and certain player. Also a pleasure at public gigs like this is the visitors. Rachel Thoms and her mum rocked by for a chat; so did Bill Sweeting, father of Luke. The shopping centre: our update on the Roman Forum.

Hugh Barrett (piano) and Eric Pozza (bass) played for Mothers' day.

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