19 May 2017

In search of lost time

Maybe it's the quiet and close surroundings, or the U3A jazz appreciators as audience, or the infrequency of seeing these guys (and El) for some time. But maybe it was just the truly excellent and authentic playing. Lachlan and El and James. A drummerless trio playing an originals and a few standards. From the first notes I just indulged in it and I wasn't alone. Lachlan setting lovely rhythms, steady and relaxed. El coming in with lovely sustained tones on violin, spelling melodies with little twists and soloing with the most exquisite phrasing, lots of sequences, notes changing over time as they can with the bow, varied lines and interpretations. Then the solos passed, to Lachlan, more sustained lines, perhaps chordal, maintaining eighth or sixteenth notes, always purposeful, as I've been so impressed by on recent YouTube outings. Then to James, superbly flexible, freely moving through scale degrees and up the neck, always spelling the chords with joy and clarity. El had penned the one original, Stevie's song. First up was by Zappa (!), Blessed relief (El commented that it wasn't rude like many others, but there were no lyrics anyway). And some faves: Out of nowhere, I'll remember April, All blues, A ghost of a chance. And one from left field: Bach, JS, the first prelude from Well Tempered Clavier. Wonderful melody, nice solos based on the chordal movements. An interesting venture, but then Bach is God for all musicians. I'll remember Lachlan's courteous precision, James' easy melodicism, El's overwhelming sense of intriguing phrases and quick sequences. A fabulous, intimate concert and, given how infrequently I've seen these deeply satisfying musicians recently, a remembrance of things passed.

Lachlan Coventry (guitar), El Osborne (violin) and James Luke (bass) played for the U3A Jazz Appreciation Society at the Raiders Club Weston.

Thanks to music regular Bob Howe for the main pic above

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