11 December 2022

Right numbers

At our Molly gig, Mark was talking of doing just the right frequency of gigs.  He was playing 6pw, 7pw was pushing it, but he's a pro so this is his job.  I'm no pro and that would be a stretch.  But just back from Antarctica, a week now, and it's been musically busy.  Four gigs in one week.  First up was Molly and that's already written up on CJ.  Then a DJ gig for a disabled home Christmas party for a friend.  How much fun was that?  No stress, relaxing and listening to some fave music.  And people are paid for this?  The task of a muso is much more demanding, not least the years of practice.  Perhaps also more satisfying; certainly more inventive.  The other two gigs were for Red Hill Primary School's end of year get together.  It's a semi-regular gig for us and a great pleasure, especially given my kids' connection with RHPS.  Then a 50th birthday party for a lively woman and friends and family at a local winery.  It's been a busy week just off the ships but all gigs were a real pleasure and featured some hot playing.  Now for a quieter Christmas.

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