07 December 2022

Breaking a drought

Travel has interrupted my playing big time recently.  I've missed some jazz and also three classical concerts.  It's not a complaint because travel is an exciting and mind-expanding experience but it does interrupt playing.  Dave managed to keep up practice on our ship to Antarctica, but he plays guitar and it's an easily portable instrument and he had a smallish travel guitar anyway.  I play double bass so I've had a break of 5 weeks or so.  Add some residual jet lag and I was wary of playing Molly and it is to be just the first of three gigs for the week.  But one thing I notice is that playing a gig after a break can be refreshing and can bring out the best.  It did last night.  Of course, I had some help from James and Mark playing like the clappers and a lively Christmas-partying crowd and a sound that just sat fat and rich and satisfying from the first notes.  My new approach, to set EQ pretty much flat and adjust volume, is working.  Good tone comes mostly from the fingers anyway.  And  I enjoy the two long sets with a decent break.  Now excuse me as I mix my metaphors.  We forgot to order food for the break so we ended up breaking our fast after the gig.  Here's a pic of two satisfied players eating toasties at the end of a decent gig at Molly.  Thanks tons to James and Mark.

James Woodman (piano) led Mark Levers (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass) at Molly.

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