30 December 2022

Spa plus

Just back from a family Christmas get-together in Daylesford.  It's a cute town, said to be the lesbian capital of Australia.  I saw several couples but then we returned through a similar small country tourist town and ate at a gay-run hotel with a trans receptionist, so what's to tell?  I think of Daylesford for mineral spas and organ concerts.  We got to both, or at least a connection to each (the sulphur water was the preferred spring although still undrinkable to our tastes, and we met two women who'd married [to husbands] at the Uniting Church with the organ) but the intent was really Christmas and family and friends.   The first night was to the beer garden at the Daylesford pub and I just caught a local jazz trio while ordering.  This was Vida jazz, playing around town for "your venue or special occasion".  Could not but feel comfy with a local working band.  I just heard a few tunes, standards and latins, of course, but also a string of pop and blues, done in style, Light my fire and Beatles and the like.  The band had a groove with no drummer, just Vida singing and Bruce bass and Bronwen keys.  Nice for a welcoming front bar experience on a Friday evening. 

Vida Jazz were Vida Petrini (vocals), Bruce Miller (bass) and Bronwen Algate (keys).  They played at the Daylesford Hotel front bar.

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