04 July 2010

Always a pleasure

It’s great to have another opportunity to play with Dirk and Graham. I’ve managed a few gigs over recent months. It’s always so relaxed and easy-going but the grooves are solid, the communication is easy, the tunes are good ones, and the solos are generous. Some very nice playing, and a good exercise to hold the groove when the sax drops out for the guitar solo. The audience was small, but we had a few listeners, including one elderly Dutch man who had played swing drums in his days. A very enjoyable little gig. Thanks again to Dirk and Graham … anytime. Dirk Zeylmans (tenor), Graham Monger (guitar) and Eric Pozza (bass) played at the Tradies.

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Anonymous said...

I keep saying to tell me when you are playing! (Though yesterday we were out for my Mum's 81st birthday). It was a gorgeous day, eh?